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Shared Cognition in Organizations: The Management of Knowledge

by Leigh Thompson
John M. Levine
David M. Messick
(Published by Lawrence Erlbaum, 1999)



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Part I Knowledge Systems

1 Transactive Memory: Learning Who Knows What in Work Groups and Organizations

Richard L. Moreland, University of Pittsburgh

2 "Saying is Believing" Effects: When Sharing Reality about Something Biases Knowledge and Evaluations

E. Tory Higgins, Columbia University

3 The Uncertain Role of Unshared Information in Collective Choices

Garold Stasser, Miami University

4 Dirty Secrets: Strategic Uses of Ignorance and Uncertainty

David M. Messick, Northwestern University

Part II Emotional and Motivational Systems

5 Effects of Epistemic Motivation on Conservatism, Intolerance, and Other System-Justifying Attitudes

John T. Jost, Stanford University

Arie W. Kruglanski, University of Maryland at College Park

Linda Simon, University of Maryland at College Park

6 Accountability Theory: Mixing Properties of Human Agents with Properties of Social Systems

Philip E. Tetlock, U.C. Berkeley and Ohio State University

7 Some Like it Hot: The Case for the Emotional Negotiator

Leigh L. Thompson, Northwestern University

Janice Nadler, University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana

Peter H. Kim, University of Southern California

8 Social Uncertainty and Collective Paranoia in Knowledge Communities: Thinking and Acting in the Shadow of Doubt

Roderick M. Kramer, Stanford University

Part III Communication and Behavioral Systems

9 Normative Influences in Organizations

Robert B. Cialdini, Arizona State University

Renee J. Bator, SUNY-Plattsburgh

Rosanna E. Guadagno, Arizona State University

10 Entrepreneurs, Distrust, and Third Parties: A Strategic Look at the Dark Side of Dense Networks

Ronald S. Burt, University of Chicago

11 What Newcomers See and What Oldtimers Say: Discontinuities in Knowledge Exchange

Deborah H. Gruenfeld, Northwestern University

Elliott T. Fan, Northwestern University

12 Knowledge Transmission in Work Groups: Helping Newcomers Succeed

John M. Levine, University of Pittsburgh

Richard L. Moreland, University of Pittsburgh

13 Organizational Learning and New Product Development: CORE Processes

Fernando Olivera, Carnegie Mellon University

Linda Argote, Carnegie Mellon University

14 Themes and Variations in Shared Knowledge in Organizations

Terry L. Boles, University of Iowa

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