Table of Contents

TruthAbout e2 cover

The Truth About Negotiations (Second Edition)

by Leigh Thompson
(Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education)




Part 1: Negotiation: A 30,000-foot view

Truth 1: Negotiation: A natural gift?

Truth 2: The magic bullet: Preparation

Truth 3: Your industry is unique (and other myths)

Truth 4: Win–win, win–lose, and lose–lose negotiations

Truth 5: Four sand traps in the golf game of negotiation

Truth 6: If you have only one hour to prepare...

Part 2: The bottom line on bottom lines

Truth 7: Identify your BATNA

Truth 8: Develop your reservation price

Truth 9: It's alive! Constantly improve your BATNA

Truth 10: Don't reveal your BATNA

Truth 11: Don't lie about your BATNA

Truth 12: Signal your BATNA

Truth 13: Research the other party's BATNA

Part 3: Black belt negotiation skills

Truth 14: Set optimistic but realistic aspirations

Truth 15: The power of making the first offer

Truth 16: What if the other party makes the first offer?

Truth 17: Plan your concessions

Truth 18: Be aware of the "even-split" ploy

Truth 19: Reveal your interests

Truth 20: Negotiate issues simultaneously, not sequentially

Truth 21: Logrolling (I scratch your back, you scratch mine)

Truth 22: Make multiple offers of equivalent value simultaneously

Truth 23: Postsettlement settlements

Truth 24: Contingent agreements

Part 4: Psychology

Truth 25: The reciprocity principle

Truth 26: The reinforcement principle

Truth 27: The similarity principle

Truth 28: The anchoring principle

Truth 29: The framing principle

Part 5: People problems (and solutions)

Truth 30: Responding to temper tantrums

Truth 31: How to negotiate with someone you hate

Truth 32: How to negotiate with someone you love

Truth 33: Of men, women, and pie-slicing

Truth 34: Your reputation

Truth 35: Building trust

Truth 36: Repairing broken trust

Truth 37: Saving face

Part 6: I-negotiations and E-negotiations

Truth 38: Negotiating on the phone

Truth 39: Negotiating via email and the Internet

Truth 40: When negotiations shift from relational to highly transactional

Truth 41: Negotiating across generations

Truth 42: Negotiating with different organizational cultures

Truth 43: Negotiating with different demographic cultures

Part 7: Negotiation Yoga

Truth 44: What's your sign? (Know your disputing style)

Truth 45: Satisficing versus optimizing

Truth 46: Are you an enlightened negotiator?



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